“The variety of workmanship and individualist approach is unprecendented...”

I’ve been a big advocate of Podium since back when it was just a small shop in Boulder, 15 years ago. The variety of workmanship and individualist approach is unprecedented, and the genuine and sincere commitment to customers is refreshing. I can say with all honestly that I would not have been able to compete and train at an elite level for over 10 years without Podium's assistance.

Alan Culpepper Multi-Time Olympian, Long Distance Runner

“They know more about feet than any of the doctors I saw...”

I started having plantar fasciitis four years ago. Since then, I’ve seen doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage specialists, you name it. Podium was the first place that actually helped me. They know more about feet than any of the doctors I saw, and Podium was the first place willing to sit down and talk to me about what was going on.

— Martha Van Stelton Retired Housewife, Hiker, Dog Walker

I’ve been working with Podium for about 16 years. They are very knowledgeable, and very good at diagnosing situations and coming up with proper recommendations. Podium taught me a lot and if I ever have any questions, they are quick to respond. Podium's skill set and knowledge base are very high. They are very talented at what they do

— Cheri Trousil Owner Humble Ranch Education and Therapy Center, Physical Therapist


“I've tried other brands, but always came back to Podium...”

I’ve been working with Podium for over 10 years, and it is one of the best in the custom orthotics business. If I showed up to a bike race without my Podium orthotics, I wouldn’t even bother to start. That’s how essential this piece of equipment is for me. I’ve tried other brands, but always came back to Podium for optimum fit and power transfer. Their experience and capacity to interpret client sensations are what make them stand out. Podium listens to someone's input and translate it into the necessary fine tuning and adjustments necessary to dial everything in with exceptional clairvoyance.

— Olympic Track Cyclist, Multi-Time U.S. National Champion, Elite Level Coach

“It's great to work with Podium...”

Our clients are kids all the way to Medicare patients, and we work regularly with member of the U.S. Ski Team. Podium has made orthotics for all of them, and had a lot of success. Podium is able to meet the needs of a wide population. It’s great to work with Podium because I’ve been able to learn from them and build my problem solving skills

— Scott Blair Assistant Director Yampa Valley Medical Center, Physical Therapist


“What they did for me is nothing short of miraculous.”

I've had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for 50 years. I first went to Podium 15 years ago because my PT insisted I see them. I'd been to podiatrists for orthotics and they'd never helped. When I went to see Podium I’d been hobbling along hunched over like Quasimodo. What they did for me is nothing short of miraculous. I went from incredible pain to walking upright and with ease within weeks. Because Podium understands so well the mechanics of the human body not only did they help take away my foot pain, but my back and knee pain as well.

— Mercedes Lindenoak Artist

“...excellent orthotic fabricator”

Podium Footwear is an excellent orthotic fabricator. I trust Podium with some of my most famous as well as difficult patients.

— Andrew Pruitt, EdD Founder Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Author


Podium is Loved by Feet all Across the U.S.!