All Types Of Footwear:

If it fits on your foot, Podium can work with it. Over the years, we’ve addressed issues with everything from cowboy boots to tango dance shoes. The full list of footwear includes all disciplines of cycling, running shoes, rock climbing shoes, all types of alpine and Nordic skiing boots, dress shoes, walking shoes, basketball shoes, sandals, and every other shoe you might have in your closet. Please just remember that orthotics are just a part of the solution. You need to choose proper footwear, stretch and don’t over do-it.

Multiple Material Options:

From soft to rigid to multi-density, Podium works with nearly all types of orthotics materials — and everything is fabricated in house. That means Podium can take patient feedback and make changes as needed, never needing to send anything out for adjustments. That leads to quicker turnaround time and a better finished product.

Hands On Care:

Podium’s No. 1 goal is to solve your foot-related problem. Instead of the typical 15 minutes allotted at other clinics, we will spend a full hour asking and answering questions during your initial visit. Podium takes the time to get to the root of your problems.

Custom Craftsmanship:

Whether you’re an Olympic athlete with running shoe issues, a weekend warrior looking to improve ski boot fit, or an everyday person suffering from foot pain, Podium can construct an orthotic precisely for you. Two decades experience, in-house fabrication capabilities, multiple material options, and meticulous attention to detail allow us to provide clients unequaled custom craftsmanship. Follow-

Up Consultation:

Following the initial visit and orthotic fabrication process, patients return for their follow-up visit. If needed, adjustments are made on the spot. However, one additional adjustment visit is also included, assuring full customer satisfaction. And unlike other clinics, which would have to send orthotics out for adjustments, Podium does everything in house, meaning adjustments can be done while you wait. This is an integral element of the Podium Difference.

Foot Orthotic Repair and Refurbishing:

Your foot-related problem may change over time as well as normal wear and tear of your orthotics. Podium footwear is the only local orthotics provider that will repair and/or refurbish your custom orthotics. Podium can work remotely if needed, just ship your orthotics to Podium's store and they will take care of the rest.

Problem Solver:

At its core, the Podium Footwear team are problem solvers. Their goal with every patient who walks through the front door is to identify and rectify footwear-related problems

Four Casting Methods:

While most clinics do just one type of casting, Podium has the ability to do four. That means maximum flexibility in constructing the orthotic that’s right for you. Podium’s casting methods include weight bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing. Our most popular technique incorporates a casting pillow, a medium that presses up all around your foot and ankle, creating form of the foot which is used to create a mold of the foot. Podium can also utilize a fiberglass sock, which captures the shape of foot and the entire anklebone contour, or a dry foam impression box (think impression in the sand). This diversity of techniques allows Podium to look for issues in more a finite form, and quickly respond to feedback and make adjustments. Other clinics typically use just one casting method, and many send their casts to out-of-state orthotics labs, which can result in inexact communication and unsatisfactory products.

In-House Fabrication:

Unlike most orthotics providers, Podium does all its fabrication in-house. That allows us to work with multiple materials, collect feedback and make changes quickly and efficiently. Two

Decades Experience:

For 20 years, Podium Custom Footwear has been making custom orthotics. We handle every phase of the process, from patient consultation, to fabrication, to follow-up and fine tuning.

Quick Turnaround Time:

While many clinics take up to a month to deliver custom orthotics, Podium’s turnaround time is as little as one week. This includes a one-hour initial consultation, in-house custom fabrication, and a follow-up visit where finite adjustments are made while you wait.

Environmental Stewardship:

Podium utilizes specialized glue vents and air-scrubbing charcoal filters, ensuring a clean and safe work environment – while at the same time protecting the environment at large.

Meticulous Record Keeping:

Podium keeps meticulous records for all patients, meaning all information about your foot problems past and present are always easily accessible for reference.

Highest Recommendations:

Podium has worked with nearly 5000 clients, including Olympians, Tour de France champions, Broadway actresses, NFL players, Ironman winners, golf pros and thousands of everyday people. See what just some of them have to say on the Podium Testimonials Page.