Patient Questionnaire

Before your visit, please take the time to fill out and submit the Podium Patient Questionnaire. On the day of your initial visit, bring all the shoes related to your foot pain, or that you are hoping to enhance the fit and function.


Initial Consultation

During your initial visit, Podium will spend an hour answering questions while trying to get root of your foot-related problem. This is in stark contrast to other clinics, which often schedule just 15 minutes per patient. Podium believes it’s almost impossible to be successful in such a short period time. Instead we take the time to get to the root of your foot-related problem.



While most clinics do just one type of casting, Podium has the ability to do four. That means maximum flexibility in constructing the orthotic that’s right for you. Podium’s casting methods include weight bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing.


Unlike most orthotics providers, Podium does all its fabrication in-house. That allows us to work with multiple materials, collect feedback and make changes quickly and efficiently.

In-House Fabrication

While many clinics take up to a month to deliver custom orthotics, Podium’s turnaround time is as little as one week. This includes a one-hour initial consultation, in-house custom fabrication, and a follow-up visit where finite adjustments are made while you wait.

Quick Turnaround